X-Ray Systems and Equipment

Complete Turn-Key Inspection Systems

TSG X-Ray inspection systems are manufactured in standardized or custom configurations to meet a variety of applications from small castings or electronics to wheels and large tank welds. Options include programmable automatic sample manipulators and digital video processing.

Industrial Radiographic Enclosures

TSG manufactures radiation-shielded X-Ray rooms and cabinets for energies up to 450 kV. Our X-Ray enclosures are built to industrial quality standards using steel-lead-steel and modular construction techniques. All enclosures are designed to meet NRC requirements, and include all required safety interlocks and warning devices.

Microfocus X-Ray

Microfocus X-Ray systems are available up to 320 kV. TSG has extensive experience with microfocus real-time X-Ray systems. Let our Applications Lab assist you with evaluating this technology for your specific application.

TSG Digital Image Processing

The TSG Digital Image Processing system is designed for use as an integral component in industrial real-time X-Ray NDT radiography inspection systems. The full package of image enhancement features and processing abilities may also make this unit useful for other video processing applications.