Industrial X-Ray Cabinets

TSG designs and manufactures Radiation Shielded Enclosures in both standard and custom sizes for x-ray energies up to 420kV. All enclosures are manufactured to meet or exceed required standards and regulations for radiation safety, including all required safety interlocks and warning devices. We use steel-lead-steel laminate welded steel construction to assure the highest quality in our product.

The management and staff here at Technical Services Group, Inc. have many years of experience in the production and servicing of x-ray cabinets, rooms, and equipment, and will work to ensure that you receive the best equipment for your capital investment. Included here are a few sample pictures of the types of x-ray enclosures available.

320kV real-time cabinet with pneumatic part door, four axis manipulator, and motorized (adjustable FFD), tubehead elevator.

The two section manipulator has an X and Y axis base with a removable TILT & ROTATE section. This cabinet offers the versatility of switching from real-time to film radiography and back in a matter of minutes.

Application: Automotive iron castings

320kV motorized shuttle-table style film radiography cabinet with motorized (adjustable FFD), tubehead elevator. This is a high production rate design, allowing an operator to set up position of film and parts for the next radiograph on one side of the shuttle table (outside the cabinet), while exposing a radiograph on the other side of the shuttle (currently inside the cabinet).

Model shown includes an optional center part door with lead-glass viewing window.

Application: various industries

This 225kV real-time x-ray cabinet was custom designed for vertical scanning of parts up to 72" in length while minimizing the use of valuable floor space.

The three-axis part manipulator includes X, Y, and ROTATE. The servo-motor driven vertical axis is designed to handle loads up to 300 pounds.

The model shown includes lead-glass viewing window in the door, and audible & visual warning devices located within the enclosure for safety.

Application: Industrial Ceramics

160kV real-time x-ray cabinet with five-axis part manipulator, and sliding part door with lead- glass window. Cabinet can be configured for use with fractional focus or microfocus x-ray tube.

Model shown includes optional two-axis image intensifier shutter.

Application: aluminum castings, electronics, plastics, and others.