Forensics and Failure Analysis

  • This is an eroded contact.
  • An open on/off switch inside a plastic kitchen device.
  • This is a triggered thermal cutoff switch.
  • Another open thermal cutoff switch.

Technical Services Group offers forensics X-Ray imaging services hosted from our lab facilities. Our services include but are not limited to fire debris examination, causal analysis, failure analysis, and other applications where X-Ray imaging can provide detail that is not available with visual examination. These examples represent a cross-section of uses for forensic X-Ray imaging. Our lab rates are reasonable in the industry.

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Imaging System X-Ray Specifications Cabinet Specifications
Real-time image processing up to 160kV Microfocus 5-axis manipulator rated to 150lbs
2 megapixel 10 bit digital video camera up to 320kV diode tube Ample interior space for sizeable items
High contrast 9" image intensifier