About Technical Services Group

TSG is recognized as a major supplier in the field of NDT X-Ray Real-Time Radiography Inspection Systems. NDT, or Non-Destructive Testing, is simply a method of testing or inspecting an object without destroying it. A variety of techniques are used for NDT, including visual examination, ultrasonic, magnetic, x-ray, and others. TSG, Inc. specializes in the field of x-ray testing for industrial quality and process control applications. Since 1988, TSG has designed and manufactured both standardized and custom x-ray real-time inspection systems, x-ray cabinets, x-ray rooms, and accessories for use in nondestructive radiographic testing.

TSG is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, (just outside of Atlanta), and provides sales, service, and consulting to the Nondestructive Testing community in the Southeast and throughout the U.S. and North America. The company's principal management have over 55 years combined experience in NDT x-ray radiography systems beginning in the late 1970s. We are internationally known for our repair & maintenance service support of x-ray equipment and nondestructive testing inspection systems.

We service most brands of industrial equipment including Andrex, Gulmay, IRT, Philips, Ridge, Seifert, and XIT. TSG's service department is fully capable of providing the most complex depot level repairs on x-ray generators, controls, power supplies, and tubeheads. Our field-service personnel can keep your x-ray inspection systems running with a high percentage of up-time to enhance your productivity. TSG is the place to callq when you need expert service on your Ridge/IRT model HOMX-161 microfocus x-ray system.

Technical Services Group, Inc. serves the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Military, Scientific, and other manufacturing and testing industries. TSG maintains a fully equipped applications & demonstration facility utilizing fractional & microfocus real-time x-ray, and complete with high-definition image processing capabilities to provide customers sample evaluations and demonstrations, along with forensic inspection.

TSG produces industrial quality x-ray cabinets, exposure rooms, and complete x-ray inspection systems at its 16,000sf. facility near Atlanta. TSG provides system integration using the highest quality components, including Gulmay, Yxlon, Comet, and Precise Optics. When you purchase an inspection system from TSG you deal directly with the manufacturer/integrator, and we back our systems with prompt, effective service. For your best source for NDT radiographic equipment & service, call TSG today.

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