Inspection Systems

TSG manufactures complete turn-key standardized and custom X-Ray inspection systems. We offer both real-time and film based shielded cabinet or room systems. TSG X-Ray cabinets and rooms are designed and constructed to meet or exceed national and local standards for x-ray protection and safety.

Standard Cabinet Systems

125kV/160kV real-time x-ray cabinet system with five axis remote controlled manipulator, digital image processing, and Microfocus x-ray source. These types of systems can be used for aluminum castings, electronics, brazed & welded parts, and other applications. The unit shown can handle samples up to 12"x12"x12" in size.

Standard X-Ray Cabinet System
High-resolution X-ray test pattern

High resolution imaging and microfocus technology enable real-time inspection of samples to detect indications down to microns in size.

X-ray image of integrated circuit chip

Our Cabinet X-Ray Inspection systems are produced using a modular design. This allows us to add optional components such as digital image processing or programmable manipulators in order to enhance the capabilities of your system.

Custom Built Inspection Systems

Custom designed x-ray cabinet or room inspection systems are manufactured to suit specific applications and requirements, such as the tank weld real-time x-ray room shown here. Our fabrication facility can produce the size of custom cabinet or room you need from a small desktop model to a 20 x 40 foot room, or beyond.

Tank Weld Real-Time X-Ray Room
Real-Time 300kV Tank Inspection System

TSG's custom designed NDT X-Ray inspection systems include manipulators and handling equipment designed to meet the specific requirements of your testing application. Shown here is a 300kV real-time tank weld scanning configuration.

X-Ray Operator Console

Operator controls are integrated into ergonomically designed consoles specifically suited for the inspection application and the work environment.

TSG's custom fabricated inspection systems can be configured for high throughput production applications, such as the conveyorized real-time system shown.

Real-time semi-automated inspection of tank seam welds are performed in this 160kV pass through-conveyor type cabinet. The system can be programmed for multiple sizes of tanks.

At TSG, we can design and produce real-time X-Ray systems for almost any industrial application. Call today for an evaluation of your application. We are eager to help fill your X-Ray inspection system needs, and improve the efficiency of your X-Ray procedures.