Technical Services Group, Inc

operates a fully equipped and staffed in-house service center providing repairs to most brands of industrial NDT x-ray systems and associated equipment at reasonable rates. We maintain an extensive inventory of service parts in order to expedite your repair needs. The many brands of equipment we service include Andrex, IRT, Philips, Ridge, and XIT, among many others.

TSG provides the following repair services:

In-House Repair

If your equipment is in need of complex repair or service tasks, and/or is relatively easy to ship, our in-house repair is probably a viable option for your needs. Contact us for more information and to arrange a repair.

Field Service

If your entire x-ray system is in need of servicing or repair, or a unit is simply impractical to ship, our on-site field serivce is more likely what would serve your needs best. Field service is costlier than in-house repair due to travel costs. Call or email us to arrange for a service visit.

Survey Meter Calibration and Repair

Periodic radiation survey meter calibration is vital in order to conform to the licensing requirements of your radiation safety licensing bureau and to ensure accuracy of your radiation survey meter. TSG offers survey meter calibration and repair for $65 per calibration, plus any shipping or parts/repair costs. Call us at (770) 855-9115 for more information.